Now that you have the location of the underground services, you can start your digging project with confidence, knowing where and how to dig.

First measure and mark your site to show where the underground services are. Then, hand dig to expose the services before using any mechanical equipment for heavy digging.

It is the excavator's responsibility to follow all digging instructions that have been provided by the utility owner. Hand expose as required. Do not use mechanical equipment to find or expose underground utilities. Obtain all required permits as indicated by the utility owners.

Note there are stringent requirements when digging within dedicated "rights of way" which contains high pressure oil or gas pipelines. Check that you obtain all required permits as indicated by the utility owner or operator. In many cases the requirements will include having an inspector on site while you dig.

Report all damages to the appropriate utility owner or operator or contact BC One Call - 1 800 474-6886 Be Responsible - Dig With Caution - DIG SAFE!!


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