Now that you have the location of the underground services on a plan of your property you can start your digging project with confidence, knowing where and how to dig.

Your first job is to mark on your site where the maps indicate any underground services are buried. Since the location of most underground services are measured from your property line, you will need to determine where your property line is, then measure from it and mark the ground where the underground service is located.

If you are not certain of the exact location of the underground service, dig cautiously by hand, digging safely until you find it. Do not use a pick, auger, mini backhoe or any other mechanical equipment to find the underground services.

Remember, it is the homeowner's responsibility to follow all digging instructions that have been provided by the utility owner.

Note there are stringent requirements when digging within dedicated "rights of way" which contains high pressure oil or gas pipelines. "Rights of way" may run through or near your property. Check that you obtain all required permits as indicated by the utility owner or operator. In many cases the requirements will include having an inspector on site while you dig.

And if you do incur damage, report it immediately to the appropriate utility owner or operator or contact BC One Call at 1 800 474-6886

Be Responsible - Dig With Caution - DIG SAFE!!


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