We identify your digging site on our mapping system. Now that we have details of your dig project our call centre operator goes the BC One Call mapping system and finds the location of your dig site wherever it might be in British Columbia. When your site has been located, the BC One Call operator can identify which of our members has underground services buried on or near your site.

We issue a BC One Call confirmation ticket number. We then issue a BC One Call confirmation ticket number that lists details of your project and includes the names of our members with buried facilities in your area. The customer service representative will advise you of the members being notified, caution you to contact any other parties who may have underground facilities in your excavation area and provide you with your ticket number.

This ticket is sent to each of those members and you will be given your confirmation number. This is your record of having advised us of your project. Your ticket number is confirmation of your request and should be retained until the work has been completed.

At the completion of your call the customer service representative will advise your of which members are being notified, advise you to contact any one else who may have facilities in the area and remind you of the BC One Call liability statement:

"You are not clear to excavate until all members notified have contacted you." BC One Call does not confirm clearance

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