In an ongoing effort to make BC One Call a true one call system and in the interest of safety to the excavating community we continue to encourage, with the support of our many endorsers, all owners of underground facilities to become members of the one call system.

As the owner and operator of underground infrastructure one of your first priorities must be safety and the protection of your valuable infrastructure. And as a good corporate citizen your first step to ensuring safety and damage prevention is to become a member of BC One Call.

The public demands that their utilities are delivered in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner. Disruption of these services could place a community in distress.

Consequences of a hit to utilities include:

-Loss of life / Personal injury
-Environmental contamination
-Explosion, fire, flood, or toxic gas escape
-Evacuation of a residential area
-Disruption of essential services
-Lawsuits/ Medical costs/ Legal costs
-Fines / Jail terms

To an owner of buried facilities the results of damaged facilities is far-reaching.

There is the obvious financial impact and even though you may recover your costs from negligent parties it is a long and difficult process especially if the contractor has done their due diligence and placed that all important one call.

Loss of natural resources and environmental contamination is always a risk and a concern.

BC One Call, like all one call organization across Canada and the United States, was established with safety and damage prevention as it's number one priority. When you join the BC One Call system you become part of a large efficient safety team with the objective of reducing the risk of loss of life, personal injury, environmental damage, and disruption of service.

Our membership is increasing at a record pace. BC One Call now has more than 350 members across the province including municipalities, communication service providers, gas and pipeline companies and irrigation and improvement districts.


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