The members of BC One Call take their responsibilities very seriously. The Welcome to BC One Call package will provide answers to many of the common membership responsibility questions.

As a member of BC One Call it is your responsibility to:

* Provide and maintain accurate geographical information on the location of your underground facilities. All members must verify and validate their database annually. Updates to your infrastructure can be submitted to BC One Call at any time.

* Respond to each notification in a timely manner. A response to the notification may include physical locates, providing site plans and verbal or written clearance A member is required to contact the requester, but is not obligated to do a physical locate.

* Refer all requests for the identification of underground facilities to BC One Call and place a locate request for your own excavation activities. Members will not be charged for their own excavation activity.

* Establish in-house procedures to manage one call notifications.

* Provide appropriate staff training

* Talk to BC One Call about having a representative come to your organization to do a one call presentation.

For further information, please read the BC One Call Member Resource Committee, Members Handbook

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