Every time you dig in the ground, wherever it may be, you run the risk of loss of life or damage to property if you hit any of the many buried cables, conduits, gas or oil pipelines and/or other underground facilities that serve our cities, towns, and rural areas.

Knowing what underground facilities are buried in or near your dig jobsite is essential if deadly, dangerous, or destructive accidents are to be avoided. One phone call to BC One Call is the best way to find out what is buried on your dig site and which areas you must avoid when digging. BC One Call is a central agency where you can call to find out what is buried on your site and where not to dig.

It is the objective of BC One Call to eliminate the risk of accidents where digging or excavation work strikes buried facilities such as pipelines, telecommunications cables, water and sewage lines, and electrical wires. BC One Call is here to make your excavation activity safe and trouble-free. It takes only one telephone call to BC One Call and within three days our members will tell you if, and where, their underground facilities are buried on your excavation site. To help you identify where the underground facilities are, the members of BC One Call will send you a site plan showing the exact location of their buried facilities or a technician will visit your site and provide physical markings.

And all this at no cost to you!

Even the telephone call you make to BC One Call is toll free from anywhere in BC when using your landline or cell telephone.


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