BC One Call is a province-wide non-profit organization established in 1994 to provide the excavating community, including contractors and homeowners, with a means to request information on the location of underground services which may be on their worksite prior to any ground disturbance or digging.

BC One Call is the communications link between the excavating community and the owners of underground facilities who are our registered members. BC One Call facilitates this link but does not itself provide location information of buried facilities.

The objective of BC One Call is to minimize risk associated with accidents involving buried facilities. Our members have joined BC One Call because they want to ensure the safety of contractors and homeowners who dig and avoid damage to their property or the environment, and the possible disruption of their service to the general community.

There's danger below - Avoid it - Call BC One Call!

Calling one toll-free number 1-800 474-6886 will initiate a chain of events that will provide information, drawings or physical markings identifying any underground member facilities at the dig site.

Our mandate is safety and damage prevention. Our mission is:

To prevent damage to buried facilities and eliminate the risk of personal injury and property damage.

Our goal is to build on our success as a province-wide one call provider. Continued development of our dedicated professional staff combined with industry leading technology will ensure an exceptional communications service which protects our members buried facilities and the communities they service.


-Promoting and maintaining safety as our primary concern

-Listening and responding to our clients needs

-Being reliable and honouring our commitments

-Paying attention to detail in our daily operations

BC One Call is an active member of One Call Systems International (OCSI) a group made up of similar One Call members throughout North America which exists to co-ordinate activities and to exchange procedures, systems, and ideas with similar member One Call organizations.

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