Users who place that all-important call to BC One Call are usually contractors or homeowners who plan to dig into the ground in British Columbia as part of a construction project, fence installation, or tree-planting project. Typical users include equipment operators, contractors, homebuilders, developers, landscapers, homeowners, engineering consultants, and the railways as well as federal, provincial and municipal departments.

Members of BC One Call are the owners of underground facilities buried in all parts of British Columbia, including underground services that may be buried on your dig site. Members join BC One Call because they want to ensure no person is hurt and no property is damaged as a result of someone digging into their underground pipes and cables.

BC One Call currently has over 350 registered members who are owners of buried facilities and our membership is growing steadily. As you might expect the largest members of BC One Call include TELUS, FortisBC Gas and BC Hydro and others. Members of BC One Call include cities, towns, municipalities, irrigation and water districts and pipeline and communication providers, and private facility owners with underground facilities extending throughout the province of British Columbia.

BC One Call is the communications link between the excavating and digging community and the owners of buried underground facilities who are registered members of the BC One Call system.

BC One Call Privacy Policy

How our members respond.

When they receive notice of your dig project via the ticket sent to them, our members look at their detailed maps to see where their services are buried close to or on your site.

-Our larger members have computer-drawn maps of their underground facilities and can select a section that shows your site which they send to you by email;

-Many of our members have hand drawn maps, which they scan and send to you by email;

-Some of our members, large and small, prefer to send a staff person to mark your site;

-Many of our members will provide safe digging instructions and helpful guidelines.

Each member company will respond to a locate request within three working days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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