To be able to respond to a callers request for the location of buried facilities, BC One Call uses a sophisticated mapping software system of the entire province which allows the customer service representative to view and map your site location.

Our mapping system consists of layers for each attribute such as cities, streets, water, highways, railways etc and a layer for each member which identifies the area in which the member company has underground infrastructure.

Based on the mapping data provided by our members and information on the dig site location given by the caller, the BC One Call system is able to identify which member companies have facilities on or near the specific dig location. From this, the BC One Call operator can generate a list of members who will be notified of your planned excavation.

BC One Call is the easiest way for a contractor or homeowner to determine what is buried on a dig site before digging begins. Until BC One Call has 100% coverage through its member companies it remains the responsibility of anyone who digs to call any other agency they think might have buried services on their site and to obtain the exact location information they need.

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