One call from the contractor or homeowner with a dig project starts a process that ends with the contractor or homeowner being told where any underground facilities are buried on his site.

1 Call before you dig. The contractor or homeowner who plans to dig or excavate on his property makes one simple telephone call to BC One Call at 1 800 474-6886 and is answered by a BC OneCall operator at the Customer Care Centre.

2 The BC One Call operator takes down details from the caller on the location of the worksite, and details on the type of work, etc.

3 The Operator then uses the BC One Call mapping system to locate the dig site, wherever it might be anywhere in the province of British Columbia. This mapping system allows the operator to identify the owners of the many different buried pipes, cables, conduits belonging to BC One Call members that are on and around the caller's jobsite.

4 The Operator then creates a numbered reference BC One Call Ticket which shows details of the dig project and lists the names of those BC One Call members who own buried facilities on or near the caller's worksite. The Operator then sends this ticket to each of those members.

5 Each BC One Call Member notified by the Ticket is made aware of the contractor or homeowner's dig project. Each Member then goes to their detailed plans of the site area to locate the position of any buried services they may own on the site. Members who have facilities in the area will either physically locate their services or provide a dimensional site plan showing the location of their underground facilities. Those members whose services are at a safe distance and pose no threat to life or property will give clearance to proceed with the excavation.

6 The contractor or homeowner now knows the location of buried facilities on the worksite and can dig well away from them or can implement safe digging practices such as hand digging to expose the buried facilities before using any mechanical dig equipment.

An accident that damages one of the many buried facilities in BC can mean loss of life or personal injury to the excavator, environmental damage to the surrounding area, or disruption of essential services to the local community. BC One-Call provides year-round service to the British Columbia excavating community. We are ready to take your call Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays) from 7 AM to 5 PM for routine requests, and 24/7/365 for emergency calls only. Routine requests can also be submitted at any time of day (or night!) through our website

Call 1 800 474-6886

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