BC One-Call provides year-round service to the British Columbia excavating community. We are ready to take your call Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays) from 7 AM to 5 PM for routine requests, and 24/7/365 for emergency calls only. Routine requests can also be submitted at any time of day (or night!) through our website www.bconecall.bc.ca/Webportal.php

The BC One Call operators in the Customer Call Centre are the link between your dig project and our members who own the underground facilities that may cross your dig site.

Your call to BC One Call is easy to make. Each customer service representative is highly trained and will ask you to provide the specific details of your digging project. Be sure to have your information ready before you make that call. The best way to do this is to print and fill out the Excavation Site Information form found here at our web-site as it includes all of the information the customer service representative requires in order to process a locate request.

The BC One Call customer service representative will enter the information into our computer system which, based on mapping information provided by each member company, will be able to identify which member companies have underground facilities in your excavation area. On the completion of your call, each member identified with facilities in the area will receive notification of your intent to excavate or disturb the ground by receiving a BC One Call ticket. Member companies will respond to each request within three working days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The members may respond to the callers either by e-mail or by coming to the site and making physical markings of their underground facilities.

BC One Call itself does not provide information on the location of underground facilities. That service is provided directly by our Members to our callers who are about to dig.